AYURVEDA, A NATURE-BASED approach to health, is over 5000 years old and recognises the subtle energies that underpin our life and health. It comes from ancient India and teaches that we nourish the regenerative abilities of our body and mind, through the food we eat, as well as through every single thing we consume through each of our senses—how we live our lives.


AYURVEDA HAS A 6-stage model of disease and, it isn’t until stages 5 & 6 that western medicine can label an illness. This is what makes this nature-based approach to health such an incredibly powerful preventative healthcare model.


BETWEEN STAGES 1 and 2 reversing the conditions that are causing the symptoms is easy. Between stages 3 and 4 this is possible but it takes longer, requires commitment and habit change. Between stages 5 and 6 it is not always possible.


IT TAKES TIME to create the conditions that lead to illness. For instance, the Ayurvedic view of Cancer is that it is the end result of living out of balance with your biological rhythms, and other biologically stressful conditions; for many years—we don’t need to beat Cancer or make a war on Cancer, we need to stop creating the conditions that cause Cancer.


WHILE AYURVEDA IS an incredibly complex science, the basics are simple once you understand a few things. And, those basics can mean the difference between physical and mental health; or illness—I teach these basics on the 21-Day Ayurvedic Journey, and support you to embed them during the 12-Week Health Programme.


IF I HAD understood all this many years ago, brought vata dosha back into balance through food and lifestyle choices and started making food & lifestyle decisions that supported biological balance, from an Ayurvedic point of view; I would not have started to lose my hearing. And that’s why I’m so passionate about sharing this fantastic approach to health with you. You can find out more about my work here.