AUTHOR & FREELANCE writer, with a writing platform on Substack producing a FREE Slow Sunday letter to sooth stressed brains, serialising my books that are self-published as they are written, & producing recordings to calm the nervous system.

THE LITTLE BOOK OF AYURVEDA: published by Summersdale March 2024

MAKE YOUR WELLBEING a priority and embrace your connection to the world around you with the help of this beginner’s guide to Ayurveda. The Little Book of Ayurveda will introduce you to the benefits of this ancient practice so you can uplift your mind and body with simple lifestyle changes to help you achieve balance.

YOUR PEACEFUL BELLY: self published July 2020

I SUFFERED FROM gut problems, food intolerances, and low immunity for 15 years. That is, until I adopted an Ayurvedic approach and healed all my symptoms in just three months! In this book I share how I did this—and how you can do the same. Your Peaceful Belly provides a simple yet comprehensive introduction to Ayurveda: one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems, which places gut health firmly at its centre.


IN 2024 I will be serialising a new book “The 21-Day Ayurvedic Journey”, over on Substack for my paying subscribers. I’ll also be serialising an audio of “Your Peaceful Belly”. Once this is underway, I will start working on two other books both related to stress & digestion—a short practical self-help and a cookery book.

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