“Through her personal, practical and confident way of explaining and applying her knowledge, by cooking the most delicious and beautiful meals, Lucy makes her nutritional advice easy to follow. Her passionate determination to share what she knows is really inspiring, and working together with Lucy in planning my healthy meals and preparing food made the learning fun and easy.” – Stephanie.

“When I came to see Lucy my digestion was not good and I was suffering from panic attacks. In just a few weeks I felt grounded and the pain was gone. I moved forward in all areas of my life. I now sleep better and look forward with optimism and brightness.” – Alex

“I hadn’t been sleeping due to anxiety. I’m now experiencing good quality sleep, a lowering of anxiety, a positive outlook and a supportive mental attitude. I am so happy with the outcomes after years of struggling it has been life changing.” – Mitch

“Lucy is nurturing in such a grounded and honest way. It’s such a part of her being to be empathetic and compassionate and these abilities shine through her sessions.” – Suzanne

“I was suffering from work and marriage related stress to the point of where I would wake in tears every morning and my digestion was causing me challenges.  Lucy was so helpful to me in bringing positivity into my life through her work and assisted me with her guidance through this very difficult period. She is very kind and caring, I cannot recommend her enough.” – David


“I came to see Lucy for a number of months to heal some deep rooted things linked to grief, anxiety and insomnia. My sleep and mood improved vastly. I would definitely recommend Lucy for her calm, compassionate and effective work.” – Rona


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