Lucy's Story


MY STORY IS a good example of how powerful the Ayurvedic approach to health is. At the end of the 70’s I left school at 14 and set off into the world at 16, managing the effects of undiagnosed CPTSD—eventually cured with a course of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and the Rewind technique—I kept this hidden from everyone and managed my life really well, but it took a toll on my body.


THIS LEAD TO decades of constitutional imbalance that, over time, created the conditions for endless digestive issues, other symptoms that arose due to that and, in my mid 30’s the beginning of deafness. Read on if you would like to know how Ayurveda could have made a difference.



AYURVEDA EXPLAINS HOW the subtle energetics of the universe underpin our constitution. These bio-energies allow for biological processes to take place as well as determining our health profile and temperament. Ayurveda refers to them as the doshas of vata, pitta and kapha. 


WHEN I DECIDED to try an Ayurvedic approach I took one of those quizzes that tell you your Ayurvedic constitution—your balance of the 3 dosha’s, which determine your health profile and temperament. We each have a different balance of those dosha qualities, and I came out as vata type with very little pitta or Kapha—the other two doshas. After I healed I redid the dosha quiz and discovered I was a vata/pitta type. The original quiz had picked up a vata imbalance, rather than my constitution. All the digestive symptoms I had been suffering, the personality traits I had developed growing up and the deafness were due to this imbalance.


IF I HAD been living in an Ayurvedic culture, the symptoms of excess vata in my system could have been recognised early on, when I was at stages 1-4 of the Ayurvedic 6-stage disease model, and rebalanced. But without this knowledge, in terms of personality traits I just thought it was who I was, and in terms of health; I was creating the conditions from which illness would arise further on without realising it, through my food and lifestyle habits.


SOME OF THE illnesses associated with vata imbalance relate to the nervous system, and imbalance of any dosha upsets digestion. Deafness is a nervous system problem—damage to the nerve fibres of the inner ear. The deafness started to appear in my mid 30’s—I’d arrived at stage 6 of the disease model and, even though I was able to reverse the digestive issues, the partial deafness remains with me. This taught me how important it is to understand how to support the incredible regenerative abilities of our body and mind, before we are no longer able to. Let me help you take care of your wellbeing by creating a preventative healthcare plan; addressing chronic health, digestive and nervous system issues; strengthening immunity; and by managing stress, including Cptsd.

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