THIS 21-DAY JOURNEY introduces you to the 3 pillars of Ayurveda: resetting your circadian rhythms, rebalancing your constitution and renewing your digestion – reset, rebalance, renew. You will also move through an Ayurvedic cleanse designed specifically for you. The 21-Day Ayurvedic Journey includes an Ayurvedic Consultation, 3 Ayurvedic Coaching calls and a workbook containing everything you need to remember. If this Journey is booked within 2 weeks of receiving an Ayurvedic Consultation, the cost of the consultation is deducted. 

Cost: £295


THIS PROGRAMME DRAWS on Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to support you to reduce the stress in your life. We can’t always walk away from stressful situations but we can change the way the brain responds to them. I offer 5, 8, and 12 week programmes. The 8-week programme includes an Ayurvedic Consultation and guidance on how to manage stress for your constitution. The 12-week programme includes the Ayurvedic Consultation and Goal Setting/Futures Coaching, which can be very helpful to support the return of clarity, to a mind that has been challenged by stress.

cost: 5 weeks £295/8 weeks £420/12 weeks £720


THIS PROGRAMME EMBEDS the 21-Day Ayurvedic Journey and can weave in Goal Setting/Futures Coaching and Stress management in a way that is helpful for your situation. The key thing with Ayurveda is that you need to do it! And this usually involves habit change. I come alongside you in this programme to help you embed your Ayurvedic plan so that you can be successful with it. It takes time to create the conditions that have led to dis-ease or illness, and it takes time to reverse these conditions, so that your body can come back into balance. If you have received an Ayurvedic Consultation or moved through the 21-Day Ayurvedic Journey within 2 weeks prior to booking, the cost is deducted.

Cost: £1225 (this can be paid in 4 instalments – £325 deposit, then 3 monthly installments of £300).

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