I HAVE A clinic in Bath at Bath Natural Remedies, and in Bristol at Osna Therapies, as well as working virtually and sometimes in nature.

  • 60-minute Ayurvedic Consultation
  • 60-minute Ayurvedic Coaching Call
  • 60-minute Goal setting/Futures Coaching Call
  • The Taster Sessions
  • 3 Programmes


60 minute consultation to bring back the balance and address the root causes of symptoms you are experiencing, or simply to support you to feel better about life.

I WILL LOOK at your health history, where you are now and identify the constitutional imbalances that underpin any symptoms, then send you a personalised food and lifestyle plan to support you to come back into balance.

Cost: £60


Supporting you to be successful with your health through Ayurveda.

THIS COULD BE a follow-up after your Consultation, or a clarity call when you’re needing to troubleshoot. Clients also book an Ayurvedic coaching session when they want support with seasonal advice, digestive resets and cleansing protocols.

Cost: 60 minute session f2f £60/virtually & in nature £45


Experience how this powerful coaching process supports you to identify and achieve your goals.

THIS IS A collaborative partnership based upon the understanding that you know what you need to do. These sessions can also be blended with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to create the neural networks that will support you to arrive at where you want to be.

Cost: 60 minute session f2f £60/virtually & in nature £45


Introduction to Ayurveda

THIS ONE HOUR conversation is where I share how I healed 15 years of digestive issues in just 3 months, and explain the 3 pillars of an Ayurvedic preventative healthcare plan. Everyone will be sent an ebook with Ayurvedic top tips after the event. Cost: £125 per group.

Creating the conditions for health

THIS 3 HOUR workshop includes making lunch together — the Ayurvedic dish that healed my 15-years of digestive issues in just 3 months. There will also be tasters of Futures Coaching & Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. Cost: £295 per group.


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FREE Clarity Call

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